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Pila: 3D Platformer / Adventure

I have always loved 3D platformers and it sounded like the perfect project to sink my teeth into. It became my obsession for nearly 2 years and I would often work into the small hours on new features and improvements. In hindsight I didn't really have a plan for the game, I had no experience on what is involved with coming up with an overal game design. I sort of just worked on feature after feature on things I thought were fun. I ended up stripping back mid project when I released all the bloat I was introducing was clouding what I need to focus on. 

What I am really happy with is the experience I gained crafting a modular character controller. I spent a lot of time designing the kinematic character controller with composition in mind so actions such as jumping, swimming, or climbing could be assigned or removed from the player. I forsaw this as a great design that would allow me to compose different set of actions to describe controllers for different types of characters. Or to introduce new power ups and abilities or even temporarily removing abilities.

Progress Videos

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